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The code for host is a global web hosting provider in Bangladesh that provides various types of services and was founded in 2011. It’s a part of ReadySpace SG, Hosting Services Inc, XeonBD, Atlantic.Net and Contabo GmbH which are renowned web hosting provider sites in Bangladesh. Code for host is a global web hosting, domain name brand and also provides internet services to customers. It’s a freely owned and financially sound company.



Online-based businesses have impacted so many visions of trading internationally. There are variations in web hosting and people need their required service of hosting. Code for host also come with different plans for their clients. They improve the possessing and provide the best service on your demand.  Code for host offer four types of services. 



Code For Host Services

1. Domain name
2. Web hosting
3. Web development
4. Managed servers If we broke down these sections of their services each section includes several types of services. 


In this service, they provide domain listing and pricing, transfer or register a domain, resell domain and whois lookup. Domain registration plans start from $6.88/year to $95.00/year.


Code for host offer a variety of web hosting like basic/combo/advance Linux shared hosting, windows ASP.NET hosting/advance windows ASP.NET hosting and windows re-seller hosting,Linux re-seller hosting. Plans start from $12.50/year to $75.00/year.They also have a student hosting pack starts from $5.00 to $7.50 annually.


This web development section provides eCommerce solutions, bulk SMS/email solutions & SEO and marketing. The unmanaged Linux VPS, windows cloud VPS, managed virtual servers, dedicated servers are some more areas of their work.Web hosting provider of Bangladesh code for host, has seven hundred and eighty-eight current users and seven thousand two hundred fifty-four happy clients. They take care of the demand of their clients. Code for host provides the customers with their desired quality and security for their assets. It’s one of the reliable and trusted web hosting company in this sector of Bangladesh.

MAIN Services of Code For Host

  • Web Hosting
  • Register a domain or Transfer Domain
  • Linux shared hosting
  • WHOIS lookup

Code For Host Web Hosting Packages